• New Features

Here you’ll find all the latest new features in VCO. Feel free to feedback with the improvements you’d like to see.

  • IOT in VCO

    At the heart of our new IOT service is a new way to handle and manage multiple users on the account.

    With IOT self-service on VCO customers can manage all their SIM connections, Swaps, Disconnections and orders in one place.

    Talk to your Account Manager or administrator about adding this capability.


    • Consolidates all IoT services in one easy to use area
    • Lists connections to make it easy to make changes to them
  • Stock feed enhancements

    We've improved a long-standing VCO issue ? we show 'Out of stock' when stock levels drop below certain points, creating confusion.

    We've updated the stock feed and front end experience. To give our users clearer information on stock levels.

    We've aligned the VCO UI so this new detailed/useful stock feed is displayed clearly.


    • Stops discouraging ordering with 'Out of stock' messaging.
    • Better display to inform users of how many devices left.
  • Multiple disconnection ETF

    This enhancement allows you to disconnect multiple CTNs rather than one at a time and still be able to accept the early termination fee charges via ETF checkboxes in one go.

    So you don't have to submit a disconnection order with ETF, one at a time


    • Clarity on ETF for 1-25 disconnections
    • Easier self-service
  • Interactive banner

    Users can now feedback directly from customers outside of completed journeys or live chat. This will help us to ensure we're developing new features based on direct feedback from users.


    • More feedback from customers
    • More opportunities to fix customer issues and qualify any planned fixes or improvements to existing features
  • Voicemail PIN reset

    If you forget your Voicemail PIN it can mean you can't access important messages left for you. This new feature allows an authorised VCO user to reset the PIN for any valid user on their account. This resets the PIN and sends the new PIN to the end user via text message.

    Where to find this?

    • Under VCO & Connection admin > Edit connection.

    How does it work?

    • Confirm you want to reset the PIN, and the notifications you want to receive, the service will then send you/the user the new PIN via text.
  • VCO companion app update

    The new version of the app includes the ability to manage all users on an account within the app on the move.

    Overview of new features

    • Suspend CTN
    • Disconnect CTN
    • Edit user details - inc. address
    • Edit/change price plan
    • Edit/change price plan SOCs
    • See any number pending disconnection
    • See connection status
    • See recently edited numbers
    • Clear messaging on next actions
    • Identify organisation app is mapped
    • Users can click on tools icon in the app to see which organisation they are logged in as.
  • Order Toolkit

    Let's you create orders without ordering and re-use them again and again with ease.


    • Create templates without ordering
    • Skip to/reuse latest templates in drop downs
    • Use automatically last 10 saved orders on your account in drop down
    • Build and name your orders in new flow that simplifies process to create templates
  • 5G ordering in VCO

    We've built a new 5G ordering and upgrade experience in VCO.

  • Request PAC/STAC codes

    You can now manage PAC and STAC code requests in VCO.

    This gives users the ability to request a code to enable users to retain their number (a PAC code) when switching operators.

  • Tech Fund improvements

    We've made some changes to the Tech Fund experience in VCO in line with customer feedback.

    We've made changes to preferences around the % you can apply to an order and made threshold alerts easier to manage


    • Allows any percentage per order now.
    • Choose any amount to show alerts.
    • Updated preferences in UI.
  • Edit Connection is now 23/7

    One of the most used areas of VCO is now available overnight - with only 1 hour downtime for updates between systems.

  • Log in assist

    If a customer triggers a couple of errors whilst logging in, the page content changes to try to help them.


    • Content of page changes to offer support to user when they struggle to log in.
    • Highlights 'Forgotten password' journey.
    • Reactive live chat in place / needs resourcing to fully realise benefits.
  • First time log in : Welcome page

    This page welcome page has videos and user guides to help engage users and encourage them to self-serve.


    • Detects users has logged in for the first time
    • Appears in navigation
    • Offers new VCO intro video
    • Shows new billing intro video
    • Shows popular FAQs
  • VCO companion app

    You can take your business account on the go with the free VCO companion app.


    • New connections
    • Order tracker
    • Help and support
    • Network coverage checker
  • Accessories refresh

    We refreshed the Accessories page to improve the user experience.


    • New navigation
    • CTN validation moved
    • Images added
    • Catalogue updated
  • Long range reporting

    You can now request long range reports from VCO. Reports can be up to 2 years old.

    Note: you will be alerted when reports are ready to view.

  • Price lists

    We have delivered the capability to host the two main Enterprise device lists that get updated monthly.

    Admins can now activate price lists in VCO for users to view.

  • Transition manager

    We delivered a feature for customers being on-boarded and resigning. This feature enables a user a secure area to manage their contract and form exchanges.

    • New navigation
    • CTN validation moved
    • Images added
    • Catalogue updated
  • SIM check - Edit connection

    Delivered functionality to enter a SIM number into 'Edit Connection' so that customers can check if the SIM is being used and who by.

    Customers and CSAs can check a blank SIM or see what SIM or CTN is connected to.

  • Device only ordering

    This new service allows customers to order a device with no connection, something they could not do before.

  • Spend manager

    Vodafone Spend Manager lets VCO users choose to cap pay monthly phone bills with a safety buffer so you have the peace of mind about the main reasons to over spend.

    We text you when you're near your limit and you have the flexibility to change your cap when you need to.