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  • New Features

Here you’ll find all the latest new features in VCO. Feel free to feedback with the improvements you’d like to see.

  • IT Store

    If you have access to Accessories, you can now access our brand new IT store where you'll find discounted items ideal for kitting out home and office workers alike.

    Browse a new range of IT equipment, from keyboards, headsets, latest audio conferencing tech, pristine display monitors and much more.

    Find it under 'Ordering' in your menu.
  • Repeat last order button

    To make ordering easier we will show a 'Repeat last order' button on the first page of ordering flows like New Connection. It will only show if the last order is valid. This should help shorten the ordering time, to save you time.
  • eSIM options in VCO

    eSIM is the next generation of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card technology that eliminates the need to use a physical SIM. If you choose an eSIM compatible device in New Connection or Upgrade - you'll see guidance on how to activate this device.

    In SIM Management you'll see new options in the 'Connect a SIM', 'Swap a SIM' and 'Activate an eSIM' areas. There are guides through the options to help you and the end user activate or swap the connection.

    If you don't see any eSIM devices in New Connection - please check preferences to add new phones to your account (or contact an admin to do so).

    If you have any issues, please live chat with us.
  • Bulk form enhancements

    Bulk forms are an integral part of large business processes in VCO. This feature enables a user to track any requests made across their organization.

    This new feature gives users transparency on all requested Bulk Forms across their organisation. Reduces frustration and contacts when other bulk forms requests not visible.
  • Tablet Store

    Under Orders & Tracking > Devices and Accessories - You will see a link to your new Tablet Store. This shows all the available Tablets we offer, plus the ability to activate any not currently active on your account. This store gives your account flexibility when it comes to ordering Tablets alongside your normal orders.

    How to manage Tablet Store:
    There are two ways to manage the Tablet Store - a setting in General Preferences to switch off the feature. And in 'Devices' in Preferences (see screenshot) - allows you to manage the Tablets shown.
  • Edit Connections: Search by name

    Edit Connection is one of our core features in VCO. We have historically been asked to update it to allow search by Name as well as by SIM and Phone Number.

    This feature allows search by name and checks status across other corps the user has access to.
  • BEN to BEN moves in Edit Connection

    For the first time users with access to Edit Connections will see the option to change the BEN for the user.

    This sends a request to a team to move the BEN. VCO then recognises the request has happened and reflects this on screen.

    Where is it?
    Under VCO Admin > Edit Connection > Airtime billing section.

    Please note that this service is not available for VGE customers due to differences in their billing systems and structures.
  • Connection Diagnostics

    You'll find Connection Diagnostics under VCO Admin > Connection Admin
    (Please note - due to source data this is not visible to VGE customers)

    If the customer has an issue with their device/SIM, they can use Connection Diagnostics to try to diagnose and resolve it.

    In the diagnostics area users can search for the employee sim/device/ctn in question.

    They compare the information presented with the support content provided and identify what to do to fix the device.

    The customer completes a manual reset (or one of the below) and the fault has been resolved without contacting Vodafone.

    Key features

    Subscriber information
    Last registration dates for GSM and GPRS/4G They will also need to see if the number is registered or in a purged status.

    SIM information
    See if a data only service or voice service - pot. show plan/SOCs

    APN Summary
    Confirm what apn's they have provisioned against their connection

    In-CTRL - Force Reregistration
    SIM can't be accessed. A customer will contact us to ask for a sim refresh (forced re-registration).

    An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet.

    System information: CD Enables users to view details from the network systems such as Equipment Identity Register (EIR), Mobile Number Portability (MNP), IP Multimedia Subsystem -Home Subscriber Server (IMS-HSS), Multimedia Telephony Application Server (MTAS), and Home Location Register (HLR).
  • Book training on VCO

    You can now book training on VCO itself. Head to 'Help' in the main header and click 'Videos' - Watch any of the training videos and if you need further help, you can book training online with ease.
  • Stock level changes

    This update shows the exact stock level against each device, and offers advice to those ordering close to the amount of stock available (to set expectations).
  • New Connection updated

    We have refreshed the user interface, based on feedback, to make it easier to move from this to other order flows.

    Users also now have two filters side by side to help locate devices
  • FAQ Search

    We have added a useful search feature to our growing FAQs – to make it easier to find answers to help customer self-serve. The feature handles partial words and stores recent searches – so that the customer/user can revisit previous searches.
  • Video guides

    Under Help in the header options, you will find a Videos link which hosts new help videos for New Connections, Upgrade, Hardware only ordering and more

    These videos are also built into their respective order journeys and can be viewed picture in picture or on the page.
  • Search for VCO user

    Allows a customer with many VCO users on their account to search for a user by name or email address to easily find them.

    Benefits: Puts self-service in the hands of the customer and makes it less likely for them to live chat or call us to find users and make changes.

    Where is it?: When logged in – Under VCO Admin and Manage VCO users.
  • Equipment Invoice & Credit Notes

    Enables online access to Equipment Invoices and Credit Notes for all VCO customers.
    Previously this has only been available as a printed copy and not online.

    If you have access you can find it under Billing and Billing Analytics.

    You can see historical reporting up to a year ago and search time ranges for invoices and credit notes.
  • Subsidiary access management

    Admins amending users across their organisations can now amend the subsidiary the VCO user has access to. Plus, under the Organisation tab - you will see the option to edit the Subsidiaries the user has access to with ease.
  • Add your business logo to your VCO

    Administrators on VCO can now add their own business logo to their VCO pages. This can be managed in Preferences under 'VCO Admin' - See 'Business Logo' on all pages under General Preferences. Alternatively click the link on the homepage of VCO (top right) to add a logo.

    You can preview your logo and save it at Sub or Corporate level. You can remove it at anytime.

  • Edit connections

    Our new and improved Edit Connections section makes it easy to edit one or many of your connections in one place. You can create a list of connections and make multiple changes. The list will remain until you remove it. You just need to enter a phone number or SIM Card of the user.

    Find the new Edit Connections tool under VCO Admin > Connection Admin
  • Price plan option expiry tool

    This new service enables allows users to set an expiry date against compatible plan options. Users can see a new icon against the plan option (also known as a SOC) which indicates an expiry date can be set using a date picker.

    Users can also set a notification can also be given to the admin when the plan option (also known as a SOC) about to expire.
  • Overnight ordering: New Connection

    Previously VCO users could not place orders overnight in the New Connection section. Now we have enabled overnight ordering - by capturing the order and processing it. There are some limitations, but this gives our customers access to ordering.

    This is the beginning of enabling more overnight capability in VCO.
  • Suspend & restore multiple CTNs

    Enables multi CTN suspension and restoration in one simple page. Up to 25 connections on an account can be easily suspended and restored.
  • Track Disconnections enhancements

    This tool allows users to Track Disconnections and their statuses. To filter by their own requests, all requests, errors and more. Over 6 months up to 24 months. Customers can also now choose the disconnection date post 30 dates.
  • Help us save 8 trees a year, opt out of printed Equipment bills

    If your organisation is happy with digital invoices and credit notes in VCO and would like to switch off paper billing and invoices you can OPT out of printed billing.

    Head to VCO Admin > VCO preferences > then look for Equipment Invoice & Credit notes

    Once received - your paper billing will be ceased within 30-60 days. Note - this can only be reversed by a discussion with your Account Manager. Once you switch off the paper billing here, the option will be disabled and cannot be reverted.

    Thanks for helping reduce our overall impact on the planet. Currently we use 8 trees worth of paper a year to print these bills.
  • New category in Accessories: Working From Home

    With so many of us working from home these days it's sometimes hard to find the right equipment to make it comfortable and efficient. We've launched a new category on VCO Accessories for working from home kit.

  • Mobile phone number report

    This allows you to search for, display and download the mobile phone numbers assigned to your organisation.

    You can see all active, suspended and reserved numbers - with the user name and CTN clearly displayed.

    In the 'download' you can see even more information. Including price plan. Please note - sometimes the feed we get for this feature does lag and can miss something like user name. We advise to refresh a few times to get this or download (we're looking into this feature).

    You'll find this new feature under VCO admin > Connection admin. Please live chat if you need any assistance.
  • Use VCO app to unlock VCO desktop

    A unique feature for VCO users. If you accidentally lock your account, you can (if you use the app once a month) send a code to the app to identify you. When you enter the code it unlocks your account.

    • Only works for anyone who logs into the app once a month
    • Simple mechanism to inform the customer of this option
    • App now offers New Connection, Edit a connection and use the app to unlock.
    • Available on Apple and Google App Stores
  • SIM Checker

    This allows you to check the status of a SIM before doing anything – without going into any order flow.

    You'll find it under Orders & Tracking > SIM Management > Connect, swap & disconnect SIMs.
  • Device Release Manager

    Device Release Manager is a new VCO feature that allows an authorised user to activate all mobile handsets and all new devices going forward. It makes it easier to access the latest devices without having to do anything.

    Users get immediate access to all available devices and all new devices.

    This will appear in VCO admin > Preferences > Customise VCO preferences

    You can switch on Device Manager in Preferences and switch it off at anytime.
  • Manage access to adult content on business phones

    Content Control blocks access to adult sites: gambling, adult material etc. You can now easily manage access to gambling, adult sites, with Content Control in VCO.

    • You can switch this on for an individual or a list of users.
    • Make changes in VCO Admin > Connection Admin > Content Control
    • You can also make changes in Edit Connection
  • IOT in VCO

    At the heart of our new IOT service is a new way to handle and manage multiple users on the account.

    With IOT self-service on VCO customers can manage all their SIM connections, Swaps, Disconnections and orders in one place.

    Talk to your Account Manager or administrator about adding this capability.

    • Consolidates all IoT services in one easy to use area
    • Lists connections to make it easy to make changes to them
  • Stock feed enhancements

    We've improved a long-standing VCO issue - we show 'Out of stock' when stock levels drop below certain points, creating confusion.

    We've updated the stock feed and front end experience. To give our users clearer information on stock levels.

    We've aligned the VCO UI so this new detailed/useful stock feed is displayed clearly.

    • Stops discouraging ordering with 'Out of stock' messaging.
    • Better display to inform users of how many devices left.
  • Multiple disconnection ETF

    This enhancement allows you to disconnect multiple CTNs rather than one at a time and still be able to accept the early termination fee charges via ETF checkboxes in one go.

    So you don't have to submit a disconnection order with ETF, one at a time

    • Clarity on ETF for 1-25 disconnections
    • Easier self-service
  • Interactive banner

    Users can now feedback directly from customers outside of completed journeys or live chat. This will help us to ensure we're developing new features based on direct feedback from users.

    • More feedback from customers
    • More opportunities to fix customer issues and qualify any planned fixes or improvements to existing features
  • Voicemail PIN reset

    If you forget your Voicemail PIN it can mean you can't access important messages left for you. This new feature allows an authorised VCO user to reset the PIN for any valid user on their account. This resets the PIN and sends the new PIN to the end user via text message.

    Where to find this?
    • Under VCO & Connection admin > Edit connection.
    How does it work?
    • Confirm you want to reset the PIN, and the notifications you want to receive, the service will then send you/the user the new PIN via text.
  • VCO companion app update

    The new version of the app includes the ability to manage all users on an account within the app on the move.

    Overview of new features
    • Suspend CTN
    • Disconnect CTN
    • Edit user details - inc. address
    • Edit/change price plan
    • Edit/change price plan SOCs
    • See any number pending disconnection
    • See connection status
    • See recently edited numbers
    • Clear messaging on next actions
    • Identify organisation app is mapped
    • Users can click on tools icon in the app to see which organisation they are logged in as.
  • Order Toolkit

    Let's you create orders without ordering and re-use them again and again with ease.

    • Create templates without ordering
    • Skip to/reuse latest templates in drop downs
    • Use automatically last 10 saved orders on your account in drop down
    • Build and name your orders in new flow that simplifies process to create templates
  • Request PAC/STAC codes

    You can now manage PAC and STAC code requests in VCO.

    This gives users the ability to request a code to enable users to retain their number (a PAC code) when switching operators.

  • Tech Fund improvements

    We've made some changes to the Tech Fund experience in VCO in line with customer feedback.

    We've made changes to preferences around the % you can apply to an order and made threshold alerts easier to manage

    • Allows any percentage per order now.
    • Choose any amount to show alerts.
    • Updated preferences in UI.
  • Edit Connection is now 23/7

    One of the most used areas of VCO is now available overnight - with only 1 hour downtime for updates between systems.

  • Log in assist

    If a customer triggers a couple of errors whilst logging in, the page content changes to try to help them.

    • Content of page changes to offer support to user when they struggle to log in.
    • Highlights 'Forgotten password' journey.
    • Reactive live chat in place / needs resourcing to fully realise benefits.
  • First time log in : Welcome page

    This page welcome page has videos and user guides to help engage users and encourage them to self-serve.

    • Detects users has logged in for the first time
    • Appears in navigation
    • Offers new VCO intro video
    • Shows new billing intro video
    • Shows popular FAQs
  • VCO companion app

    You can take your business account on the go with the free VCO companion app.

    • New connections
    • Order tracker
    • Help and support
    • Network coverage checker
  • Accessories refresh

    We refreshed the Accessories page to improve the user experience.

    • New navigation
    • CTN validation moved
    • Images added
    • Catalogue updated
  • Long range reporting

    You can now request long range reports from VCO. Reports can be up to 2 years old.

    Note: you will be alerted when reports are ready to view.

  • Price lists

    We have delivered the capability to host the two main Enterprise device lists that get updated monthly.

    Admins can now activate price lists in VCO for users to view.

  • Transition manager

    We delivered a feature for customers being on-boarded and resigning. This feature enables a user a secure area to manage their contract and form exchanges.

    • New navigation
    • CTN validation moved
    • Images added
    • Catalogue updated
  • SIM check - Edit connection

    Delivered functionality to enter a SIM number into 'Edit Connection' so that customers can check if the SIM is being used and who by.

    Customers and CSAs can check a blank SIM or see what SIM or CTN is connected to.

  • Device only ordering

    This new service allows customers to order a device with no connection, something they could not do before.